Welcome to Delta Hypnosis

Delta Hypnosis in Tsawwassen

Delta Hypnosis in Tsawwassen

Welcome to Delta Hypnosis based in beautiful “Delta” (Tsawwassen) British Columbia!

Delta Hypnosis came to be based on a love and long history of “Empowerment Coaching” and a passion to help others create a better life naturally.

In today’s fast paced world, it seems that everybody has ‘something’ they would like to improve.  Naturally some challenges are greater than others, but regardless of what “it” or “they” might be… Hypnosis is an awesome modality to achieve positive life changes as an incredible life improvement tool.

Some people benefit from hypnosis by overcoming limiting beliefs, eliminating fears & phobias,  achieving goals, breaking bad habits reducing stress or anxiety… but often people simply wish to learn how to re-train their old ways of thinking in order to live a lighter, easier, happier life. Of course there are far more applications you can learn about here.

Since practicing Hypnosis over the years I have found  positive changes often occur quickly  by simply reprogramming the subconscious to eliminate non-serving or negative beliefs and thought patterns, and  simultaneously replacing them with positives suggestions to ultimately achieve personal desires and outcomes

Over the last few years, particularly since more and more people now realize the truth behind the power of the mind, Hypnosis has gained tremendous popularity.   It can help to improve so many aspects of life, including, but not limited to: smoking cessation, sleep issues, anxiety, eliminate limiting beliefs, phobias, empowerment, relaxation techniques, weight loss, confidence and more.

It is safe, fast, effective and is a wonderful tool to have in your belt… not to mention a pleasant natural experience.

Call today to book your personalized powerful sessions.

**Evening sessions are also available for your convenience.

**Online sessions are provided for international or long distance clients.

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