About Delta Hypnosis

My name is Jayne Kopp and I am a certified hynotherapist based in Tsawwassen, (Delta) BC. 

I have enjoyed “casually”  practicing and utilizing the power of hypnosis personally for quite a number of years… and of course assisting friends, family and coaching clients when the need or opportunity arose. 

Over the past few years,  since becoming a work at home mom and a “Pro-Blogger” … I have worked in a variety of areas pertaining to personal development, online marketing, helping and teaching others build and market their businesses.  Though I have enjoyed all of it… I have to say my absolute passion was helping & encouraging others  to strive for and achieve a plethora of goals as a “life coach”.  (I prefer to use the term “Empowerment Coach.”).

Due to having the awesome opportunity of meeting and working beside people all over the globe… I realized more than I ever had before…. that everybody, no matter who they are, has ‘something’ they battle with or would like to overcome or improve upon.   

Of course some “issues” are far greater than others, and some goals are more difficult to reach, I have to say that I personally, so far, have never come across any situation that hypnosis could not at lease alleviate, take the edge off,  completely eliminate or improve…. although admittedly, I am sure it may not have the same affect on everyone.

It was after coming to the realization (that we all battle from time to time)  that I decided to  hone in on my skills as a  hypnotherapist and offer the benefits of Hypnosis to compliment my online coaching services.  After a few months and seeing so many uplifting results, I decided launch Delta Hypnosis in my local offline community of Ladner and Tsawwassen  where it has been received wholeheartedly!! 

This is basically the ‘nutshell’ version of how Delta Hypnosis came to be!  I have always believed you should spend your time doing the things you love and despite an enjoyable &  vast entrepreneurial background, I feel it has been one of my most fulfilling ventures so far.  I would also like to express how grateful I am for  the support of the people with whom I have the awesome opportunity of working beside. 

Please feel free to call at any time if you are interested in making positive life changes of your own in any area of life and book your own personally tailored sessions.  I would also love to hear from you to answer any questions you may have.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Delta Hypnosis. 


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