Breaking Bad Habits With Hypnosis

Bad Habits!… we all have ’em… some worse than others thank goodness… but they are still there nevertheless.  Some habits  are just an irritation, others cause us pain, stress or frustration… but some can be quite severe and even harm us… or impair the relationships we have with others. 

So why do we continue? 

The answer is simply because these habits or habitual thoughts/actions have become automatic… sometimes over a lifetime of heavy duty repetition.  The fact is ‘habits’ become so locked within our subconscious mind that we usually don’t even think about them while we do them… until we shriek at ourselves and say (or think) “ohhh grrr… look I’m doing it again”…

What’s even more frustrating about bad habits is the fact that sheer will power usually doesn’t work to break them.  lets face it, if will power worked all the time… we’d have a much easier time getting over things and I would not be writing this post.. and you’d be doing something more enjoyable as well.    

This being the case, I’ll cut to the chase and answer the very common question:  Is breaking bad habits with hypnosis even possible?

Well… the short answer is … absolutely!  in fact, this is where hypnosis / hypnotherapy comes in very useful and can make breaking these bad habits so much easier and incredibly effective.

 You see, as I’ve explained in other areas of this site, habits, thoughts, feelings about things in general have all been thoroughly rehearsed  by us and in essence they become a part of  the way we operate.  That’s because we have become so good at ‘said habit’ that we have caused it to become a permanent part of our subconscious …

The way hypnosis works is by, over a little time, we ‘erase’ or re-program… or reformat  our unconscious, automatic patterns by going directly to the area that needs the positive enforcement. 

 Because hypnosis puts our minds in a state of ease, relaxation and focus… this causes the ‘conscious’ awakened mind to be completely removed so we can speak directly to our hidden inner programming. 

 By offering positive, beneficial suggestions directly to the subconscious with the pesky conscious being removed from the equation, directly access  the source of our automatic behaviours

Whilst, I will admit wholeheartedly, there are many people who are on the fence as to the effectiveness of hypnotherapy/hypnosis… it is my firm belief that it’s only because most people lack knowledge.

During the last couple of years (and even years prior) I have seen some amazing transformations and successes because so many people have had  reasonable expectations of achieving a positive result.  These results have occurred strictly due to the inner power of not only the individuals’  deep desires but also because they were open to exercising the power of the mind. 

 If you are battling a bad habit of any sort… particularly if it is causing your stress, remorse, grief, guilt… or basically robbing your of your peace in any way, giving hypnotherapy an honest consideration just might be the answer you’ve been looking for. 


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