Eliminate Self Sabotage with Hypnosis and Learn to Love Yourself

Eliminating Self Sabotage with Hypnosis / Learn to love yourself the way you should.

Believe it or not, all of us,  at one time or another  sabotage ourselves with negative self talk, thoughts &  mind chatter…. in fact… if truth be told most of us do it continuously.    The problem is though, this ‘self talk’ or treating ourselves poorly can have a dramatic effect on our confidence and severely damage our self esteem.. 

We all, at one time or another might think to ourselves ‘oh boy, am I ever stupid for doing “X” … or say things like “I sure am not too bright today”…  Sometimes, we may even say it out loud!!

There are many reasons we pull ourselves down… and usually they are not earth shattering or anything that should be even given a second thought to… yet we do it and are usually  we are much harder on ourselves than we would ever dream of being on anyone else. 

Our reasons for self sabotage could be due to having guilt issues about something we said, or something we did.  We may feel so badly or embarrassed that we lose faith in ourselves, beat ourselves up and to carry heavy duty opinions around in our heads, resulting in negative mind chatter that we repeat over and over again like a broken record.

Though this might seem pretty harmless, it really isn’t because all of these negative thoughts ‘stick’ in our belief system and become part of who we think we are… thus creating such a fragile and negative self image.

The majority of the people I have met with low self confidence and low self esteem have in many cases actually created these conditions  themselves … and made the negative beliefs about their abilities or personalities become permanently lodged in their overall feelings about their worth. 

Often… self sabotage can also be a result of something someone else has said, that at the time hit us in such a way that we adopted the comment as truth. 

For example, the negative feelings  you carry about yourself could have been derived from a manager or co-worker who discovered a mistake you made at work. Though the mistake may have been minute, they may have implied you were careless and slap dash… and you felt so badly about whatever the issue was that you actually agreed.  Later on that evening when at home, you  may have been unloading the dishwasher… and replaying the days events  in your mind over and over again… and kicking yourself and repeating that you were ‘careless’ and too slap dash.  Over time you trained your brain to embrace the thought wholeheartedly… and it stuck!

 The issue may have been due to a disagreement with a spouse or friend who told you that they felt you were mean, uncaring or stupid… and later on, you went about the day feeling badly but ‘wondering’ if perhaps they were right.  The same process occurred where your emotions became weak and guilt kicked in and the feeling stuck like glue. 

 The two above scenarios are just vague hypothetical situations… but situations like these are not uncommon and occur regularly.  Over time the feelings you train yourself to feel will do great damage to the way you treat yourself.  Worst of all, they can dampen your life and greatly reduce your self esteem.

Hypnosis helps by eliminating self sabotage from your thought process. 

Again, as mentioned, during a hypnotherapy session, the conscious mind will be removed from the conversation and the  hypnotherapist will access your sub-conscious mind directly.  Because, while in a relaxed focused state, the conscious mind will be out of the way and the pesky interruptions of ‘oh I am so mean’  or ‘oh, I am such a loser’ will not occur during this time.

With the conscious mind being removed from the equation and realistic positive suggestions being fed directly to the subconscious mind, the session can be wonderfully effective and in essence will  allow new seeds of self love to be planted.  The positive suggestions will eventually take root to help you maintain the positive healthy feelings about yourself that you deserve and eliminate self sabotage. 

If you feel down about yourself on a continuous basis, perhaps a little reshaping might do you the world of good. 

 A positive outlook about who you are can help you take great strides in life… as a positive outlook will encourage you to learn to love yourself,  live life to it’s fullest and empower you to do the things you deserve to do. 

Call Delta Hypnosis at any time to schedule your sessions at 604-928-1104 and lets eliminate self sabotage and create the change to help you give yourself credit where credit is due rather than hold yourself back or pull yourself down.    



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