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Hypnosis for Depression

Hypnosis for depression
This post isn’t really about hypnosis for depression as much as it is hopefully a post to share some thoughts and suggestions about this terrible illness. It’s likely obvious that I was inspired to write it due to this weeks events losing a well loved Robin Williams. It really isn’t meant for ‘commercial exposure’ either; it’s just to put it out there that there is always help if it’s needed.

The facts are that during a lifetime, most people, at one time or another do in fact experience depression in varying degrees.

I’ve been down that road, as have many friends and family members. To be honest I do feel it is in most cases part of the human experience from time to time.

What’s is surprising though is that many times you would never believe who suffers from depression or in most cases we’d never know the degree. Take a look a Robin Williams for example. Our world is rocked at the news of his death. I certainly know mine is. Who would have thought? I am quite sure even his own family didn’t expect that the end result would have come to this.

This news left many of us feeling empty, and almost as if ‘we’ would have known, we would have certainly offered some form of help in anyway we could… if given the chance. But who knew?

Unfortunately there are many people out there who silently suffer and have also considered suicide… but as in Robin Williams case, it’s difficult to tell just how severe the issue is.

To those of us who have experienced short bouts and have managed to heal and bounce back, despite the fact we know how heavy it is, to most of us considering suicide seems incredibly drastic…. and it is.

Sadly, the unfortunate part of this drastic equation, is people with severe depression cant manage their thoughts logically and see any light at the end of the tunnel… ever! To them, their decision is not drastic… its the only solution they know.  To them, it seems easier and a relief.

It’s so very, very sad.

I hope and feel that at very least his passing brought to the forefront how widespread this illness is, and caused all of us to be more cognizant of our loved ones, family and friends, or any individual for that matter… because you really never know what others are feeling or going through.

I also hope it was a wake up call for those who are feeling saddened and depressed… who are able to relate, yet at least see the sadness and the effects of this tragedy. Hopefully, by seeing the world reeling and encouraging people to speak out or seek help… may encourage them enough that they just might.

If you are one of those people who may have thought about wandering down the dark road ending it all, or if you know someone, remember that there truly is so much to live for and so many people who will help if all you do is ask. Ask anyone and don’t for a moment feel weak, ashamed or embarrassed.

Also, if you haven’t already.. get help! If you have had help but don’t feel much better, then get different help! Be open and talk to friends, family, or co workers. Try hypnosis for depression, I would be pleased to work with you and help in any way I can… and try to also find additional support for you as well if need be.

Just keep searching every avenue. It might only take one statement or realization or hearing a different perspective to flick your switch back into producing a glimmer of hope to cause your levels to rise and the healing to begin.

Each day is a gift and an opportunity for something wonderful to happen! It might just take meeting someone, making a new friend or finding something that lifts you up… where as ending it… is the end.

Just ask!!

Additionally, there are many depression hotlines out there to offer support… of which I will gather and add to this post. Just stay strong. The world is a much heavier place now with losing Robin Williams, and would be even darker without you.

Though we humans can all have ups and downs and sometimes feel out of sorts… at the end of the day, life is a great gift and all that really matters is that family and friends are all ok and alive. Anything else can be dealt with after that.

If you or anyone you know battles with depression, and feels they’ve tried everything, try hypnotherapy or feel free to call at any time. The mind is a powerful thing and I’ve seen some incredibly uplifting results. Call me at 604-928-1104 anytime.

Distance/International Skype calls also available.

Breaking Bad Habits With Hypnosis

Bad Habits!… we all have ’em… some worse than others thank goodness… but they are still there nevertheless.  Some habits  are just an irritation, others cause us pain, stress or frustration… but some can be quite severe and even harm us… or impair the relationships we have with others. 

So why do we continue? 

The answer is simply because these habits or habitual thoughts/actions have become automatic… sometimes over a lifetime of heavy duty repetition.  The fact is ‘habits’ become so locked within our subconscious mind that we usually don’t even think about them while we do them… until we shriek at ourselves and say (or think) “ohhh grrr… look I’m doing it again”…

What’s even more frustrating about bad habits is the fact that sheer will power usually doesn’t work to break them.  lets face it, if will power worked all the time… we’d have a much easier time getting over things and I would not be writing this post.. and you’d be doing something more enjoyable as well.    

This being the case, I’ll cut to the chase and answer the very common question:  Is breaking bad habits with hypnosis even possible?

Well… the short answer is … absolutely!  in fact, this is where hypnosis / hypnotherapy comes in very useful and can make breaking these bad habits so much easier and incredibly effective.

 You see, as I’ve explained in other areas of this site, habits, thoughts, feelings about things in general have all been thoroughly rehearsed  by us and in essence they become a part of  the way we operate.  That’s because we have become so good at ‘said habit’ that we have caused it to become a permanent part of our subconscious …

The way hypnosis works is by, over a little time, we ‘erase’ or re-program… or reformat  our unconscious, automatic patterns by going directly to the area that needs the positive enforcement. 

 Because hypnosis puts our minds in a state of ease, relaxation and focus… this causes the ‘conscious’ awakened mind to be completely removed so we can speak directly to our hidden inner programming. 

 By offering positive, beneficial suggestions directly to the subconscious with the pesky conscious being removed from the equation, directly access  the source of our automatic behaviours

Whilst, I will admit wholeheartedly, there are many people who are on the fence as to the effectiveness of hypnotherapy/hypnosis… it is my firm belief that it’s only because most people lack knowledge.

During the last couple of years (and even years prior) I have seen some amazing transformations and successes because so many people have had  reasonable expectations of achieving a positive result.  These results have occurred strictly due to the inner power of not only the individuals’  deep desires but also because they were open to exercising the power of the mind. 

 If you are battling a bad habit of any sort… particularly if it is causing your stress, remorse, grief, guilt… or basically robbing your of your peace in any way, giving hypnotherapy an honest consideration just might be the answer you’ve been looking for.