What is Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis

 Self hypnosis is simply achieved by learning to quieten the mind and effectively inducing ones self into a total state of relaxation and subsequently envisioning and repeating positive suggestion. 

 Much of this process required mastering visualization both for relaxation as well as to administer positive suggestions and in essence affirmations while completely blocking out any external interference. 

Self hypnosis once mastered is most beneficial and can glean wonderful results

The only issue with most people who set out to practice self hypnosis is the fact that rarely will they take the time to actually DO IT. 

Another issue is the fact that we all live in a fast paced world when taking time out for ourselves can be at time quite difficult.  Furthermore, if we do take the time to sit or lay quietly for a while, often we find it difficult to block out mind chatter and can easily be distracted by thoughts such as ‘did I unplug the iron” or … I should transfer the laundry to the dryer” etc… 😐

 This is where working with a hypnotherapist comes in handy.

Booking sessions with a hypnotherapist is very similar to hiring a coach.  Having spent a number of years working with individuals as a Certified Empowerment Coach, I am fully aware of the fact that most people are very capable human beings, but most find it much easier to progress by having someone to help guide them along, support them but also have someone as an accountability partner…. at least in the initial stages.

From personal experience I have found most clients will in fact practice self hypnosis to achieve additional goals once they have been through the experience of a few sessions with a hypnotherapist.  Having become familiar with the practice, they often have a much better understanding of the state they are attempting to achieve.



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