October 2016

Dear Jayne,

  I wanted to say how amazing this new journey is and how you have given me back my inner strengths that I lost.

When I came to you I was lost and broken from a series of events in my life. Overwhelmed with sadness and anxiety and insecurities. I had my doubts about hypnosis but after my first visit I was convinced.  

You absolutely do love what you do and it shows in your work and your caring wise words always make me see the truth in myself and life. My subconscious thanks you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. You are helping me reshape my life in ways I only dreamed of.  

Thank you so very much,
Rob R.


I had the pleasure of meeting Jayne on a recent trip to BC to visit family. Immediately I felt comfortable and welcome in Jayne’s presence.

I have been dealing with a lot of depression and anxiety recently related to emotional trauma.

After the first hypnotherapy session with Jayne I already felt more relaxed and at peace with myself. By the time I went through a second session I felt like I had a new lease on life! I had tons of energy and everything that had seemed so dark and bleak before, suddenly held meaning and hope.

She really does her homework and puts together a session based on your individual needs. The post hypnotic suggestions that Jayne gave me really do work.

It’s been almost a month since my sessions with Jayne and I still feel rejuvenated and fresh. There’s something to be said for such an amazing woman who genuinely cares for others and wants to make a difference.

Shay W. Calgary, Alberta

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Words can not describe my feelings of peace, calmness and serenity I now feel after having a few sessions with Jayne.

For many years I have suffered with stress induced anxiety. I was always on edge not knowing when these panic attacks would occur.

Seeking help from different doctors only led to being prescribed medication to mask the problem. I am so grateful and thankful for the guidance I have received from Jayne’s sessions.

I would highly recommend Jayne’s services to anyone looking to better enhance their lives!

Kerri L.

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I wanted to send you a few words to tell you how amazing I feel. I just knew Hypnotherapy might help, but had no idea how much it would help.

I can honestly say I have not felt so calm and stress and worry free for as long as I can remember.  Everything feels to be back in perspective as you said.  My energy and zest for life is getting stronger every day.

Thanks a Million!

Karen M.
Ladner, BC

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Hi Jayne!

Thanks so much!  I haven’t slept so well in years.

Finally I have the energy to face the day and it feels wonderful!

The bedtime routine you suggested is working wonders and I finally feel to be back among the living!

Tsawwassen, BC

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Hi Jayne,

I thought I’d follow up with you on my progress.

I am down to two cigarettes a day (from over a pack) and feel far fewer cravings.  I’ll admit, I’m surprised.  I know you advised me up front to have an open mind and I  did, however there was still part of me that “wondered” if it would work.

I’m at the point I rarely think about lighting up and there have been a few occasions where I have gone outside to have a smoke, and decided not to!

I am looking forward to our next meeting.  I’m feeling so very positive.

Sincere thanks,

Mike H.

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Dear Jayne,

I wanted to let you know how wonderful these last few days have been for me.

I feel very relaxed and at ease and my days are not consumed with negative self talk and thoughts and anxiety.

I have wasted so much time feeling stress and anxiety on autopilot.  I cant believe I can finally get on with my day and actually enjoy it.

You are right, life is too short.  I am not wasting any more of it!!

See you next week.

N.Delta, BC

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Dear Jayne,

I would like to thank you so very much for taking me on.  When my friend suggested I contact you I didn’t know what to expect but I had seen an amazing difference in her that I wanted some of the same.

I feel so much better about so many things.  I am finding it much easier to focus on the things I need to accomplish  and I am  enjoying life more.  It feels like a weight has been lifted.

I have also managed to get out with my friends and have been taking some time for myself (guilt free).  I am enjoying the moment for a change.

Thanks so very much,

Carla M
Ladner, BC





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