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Hypnotherapy to Improve Confidence

One of the most common requests I receive is to assist clients in utilizing Hypnotherapy to improve confidence … and so far I have seen nothing more than incredible outcomes… which naturally increases my confidence level as well! ūüėČ

Confidence is such a major ingredient to living life well and plays a significant roll.  Its immense importance controls many aspects of our life and has a dramatic effect on most of the decisions we make.

With that said, the sad truth is  the  vast majority of people lack confidence  in one or more areas of life… even if they don’t always appear to, and in many cases they are held back from achieving even the simplest of tasks.

Confidence, or lack of it, determines most or all choices we make in life including the level of success we achieve as well as impact our lives socially and professionally.  It also has a way of  preventing goal achieving,  working towards dreams as well as dampens the desire to partake  social gatherings, join sports team, follow passions … and basically live life to the’ fullest.

Those who are blessed with a higher confidence level let nothing get in their way and are usually the ones who just ‘go for it’… regardless of what it is. They are often easier going, relaxed ¬†and seem to stop at nothing to achieve their goals or even just enjoy a great social life and are comfortable in any setting!

The good news is, hypnotherapy to  improve confidence is available and able to improve confidence levels and  is  gaining both recognition and popularity it deserves as a pleasant and natural drug- free method of personal improvement and many glean terrific results

Though we are not born with an abundance of confidence, or lack thereof, more often than not the degree of confidence we possess is directly linked to the influences and experiences we have grown up with, many from situations that have occurred even early in childhood that have stuck and somehow managed to shape our level of self esteem one way of the other.

Hypnotherapy helps by effectively reformatting and reprograms the subconscious thereby overriding  old habitual thoughts and feelings;   By then utilizing the power of positive suggestion and communicating directly to the subconscious mind, the new positive suggestions will then sink in and reshape the way we feel.

Because the subconscious requires no reasoning, explanation or proof when being fed positive suggestion, it will simply ‚Äúaccept‚ÄĚ what is being said to build you up while the pesky and often¬† more negative ‚Äėconscious‚Äô mind is being set aside and out of the way!

During the hypnotherapy sessions I perform, I always ensure the session is tailored to the individual needs, requirements and circumstances of my client.

Once a personalized series of sessions are designed, upon request a recording can also be made available  so my client can listen in order to continue positively reprogramming which will in essence help to cement and solidify the work that has been done between sessions.

After three or four weeks the frequency of listening to the recordings can usually be reduced and used only on  an as needed basis… should the need occur.  More often than not, after a while, the new positive feelings permanently reshape and take hold.

Hypnosis is believed to be by many (including myself)  to be a fast and efficient modality in which to gain confidence in a natural, safe, enjoyable and effective way and effectively open the doors to better and more fulfilling life choices.

If you feel you could use a boost of self esteem or even a life in spirit in general, contact me to experience a relaxing session of hypnotherapy to improve confidence, as well as body, mind and spirit.¬† It just might be the elixir you’ve been looking for.¬†

Contact me at any time – 604-928-1104.