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Hypnosis for Weight Loss

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Many people have and do utilize Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis  for weight loss achievement.  While this can be very effective, it’s not as cut and dried as walking into see your hypnotherapist overweight and leaving 10lbs down. 

There are many factors that are taken into consideration when working on satisfying a weight loss goal.

The way hypnosis works for weight loss is by programming the mind to engage in new and improved habits and activities that in effect will result in achieving the desired goal.

 Because the mind is so incredibly powerful … and even more so while in a deep state of focused relaxation, it becomes much easier to accept powerful positive suggestions that directly target the subconscious mind. 

 In addition to ‘thinking’ or focusing on the necessary changes, hypnosis can help you ‘feel’ them as well… causing  your mind and emotions buy into new ideas wholeheartedly, causing the task to  be so much easier to feel & become more motivated, empowered and determined to make the changes you require. 

Because, generally speaking (obviously with some exceptions) the main reason most people have a challenge losing weight,  boils down to ‘will power’ or forming dedicated habits to stick to healthy eating and fitness routines. 

What often happens is we become ‘weakened’ and come up with excuses why we can ‘put off’ our diets “for today” or postpone or skip our exercise till ‘tomorrow’… until we find we’ve eventually  tossed our goal out of the window all together!

Some of the positive suggestions offered during hypnosis may relate to focusing and on and even enjoying healthier food choices, feeling more energized, motivated and even ‘excited” to exercise with enhanced determination.

 In addition, suggestions may be given post hypnotically to help you avoid partaking in excess carbohydrates or fatty unhealthy foods.  A post hypnotic suggestion might simply have you feel a strong resistance to opening a bag of potato chips once you pick up the bag… or cause you to feel turned off the moment you touch the freezer door to grab the bucket of ice cream…. and perhaps have an insatiable craving for a carrot or apple instead. 

 A hypnotherapist might suggest you begin to crave additional fruits and vegetables more often, and perhaps assist you to start a new habit such as eating breakfast each day for those who have trained themselves to skip it in the past. 

 There are many ways hypnosis can aid in weight loss achievements by  mentally improving your determination… and though it’s not ‘magic’ and certainly does not work for everyone (because what does?)… by adopting a reasonable expectation of success, it can (and does) in many instances make the journey easier, more appealing and far less daunting. 

 If you have pondered or might be interested in experiencing hypnosis for weight loss achievement, please feel free to contact me at Delta Hypnosis at any time and I’ll be pleased to help you get your questions answered.